Dumb Question

Okay, as a professional educator, I'm supposed to be all, like, "There are no dumb questions". But I have a dumb question. How do you follow blogs (blogspot blogs) that don't have that little "follow me" sticker on the sidebar? (I know it's possible, because someone follows my diet blog, and I didn't put anything like that on my diet blog.) There are a few blogs I might like to follow, but I don't know how.

This one is especially fantastic. I love the dude ice fishing on someone's chest.


  1. go to your dashboard, down to reading list, there's a blue button that says ADD. It works for non-blogspot blogs too.

  2. Yes, just copy and paste the http via the ADD.
    Right! Tomorrow I am getting back to foodphotatoes. Tomorrow. Once I've finished the pizza.

  3. I add them to my Goggle home page.

    Whoa! The word verification thing says "ovenegro". That's just weird!

  4. Thanks, everyone! With your help, I figured it out.

    Glory von Hather, I am looking forward to seeing your pictures of food, if only to not feel as freakish for taking pictures of my own food! And, also, to learn English. That is always amusing!

  5. I will remember to eat lots of beetroot for you. Maybe some aubergine too.

  6. hi! thx for the heads up on how hard it is to sub to anyone. and, i found an easy way to sub to my own comments. still getting used to this site.

    luvz your user name.