I Heart Reading Posters: Zombie Librarians!

I had an incredibly eventful day at my job today as a substitute teacher. I was subbing for a middle school computer teacher, and the network went down about half-way through my day. The result was that, after working diligently the entire class period, when the students tried to save or print their papers, the computer immediately (or, in some cases, very slowly) erased them. There were about five different ways it happened. My personal favorite was when one girl tried to print her paper, and the screen simply went white and then all programs immediately shut down and would not open again- this way, there was no decision involved. My least favorite antic of the evil network was when the computer showed the evil hourglass of doom indefinitely. There were many other modes of electronic sabotage, but whatever. You can imagine the mayhem which ensued when a motley crew of twelve year olds realized that all was lost! I was accused of... well, some completely unjust accusations were made. And then I met the World's Saddest Janitor*. My, my was he sad. I must move on, though, because of my number two rule of substitute teaching:

2. Forget about the bad, remember the good.

The good thing is that I found another reading poster! Zombie librarians?Are they trying to get kids to read more books about zombies? Well, okay. Why the heck not? And, apparently, this poster has been working its magic, because I was shelving books in the library, and a book about the origin of zombies** had just been returned.

* I always make friends with the janitor. Remember "The Breakfast Club"?
** Originally I said this was a book about the origins of the zombie "myth," but my dear and wise husband corrected me on this matter. Zombies is fact, baby!


  1. That poster is awesome. Glad to hear you survived the middle school riot.

  2. I want that Poster!!!! Now I am going to have nightmares about Zombie Libertarians! I mean librarians.