Movies that are like oatmeal: "Lars and the Real Girl"

There are a few movies that I think about from time to time well after I've seen them. They have this stickiness to them, like oatmeal. They stick with me.

One such movie is "Lars and the Real Girl." Someone mistakenly listed it as a comedy on Netflix. It's a funny premise: this guy orders a blow-up doll on the internet tubes, and passes it off as his real girlfriend. It does have its moments, but mostly, it's terribly sad. Who could be so lonely? Lars actually believes this girl of his is real, too. So, the movie becomes, not a situational comedy, but a movie about how everyone in this town where he lives (this Northern Canadian town) tries to help Lars become better, mentally. They try to help him by also pretending that this blow up doll is real. "Lars and the Real Girl" becomes about love and community. And yet, it's so bizarre! I love this movie. It's the feel bad movie of the year.

I think that living in a cold place also makes me think of it often. It captures winter well.


  1. Going to add it to my Netflix list. That sounds too good to pass up.

  2. I saw a trailer for that at the movies, and they totally played it up as a comedy. I think the poor schmuck at Netflix was just doing what the movie studio told him to do. :) It looks sweet and melancholy, sort of like "Lost in Translation," which is one of my favorite movies, ever.

  3. It does have its funny moments, but I don't think it's a comedy, really. Maybe they wanted it to be.

    I also loved "Lost in Translation". When he whispers to her in that final scene, I love that you can't hear what he's saying.