On personal hygiene and political giants...

I watched the inauguration on an internet live feed while listening to it on the radio- and while watching Zelma, of course. (Someday, she can say she saw it happen.) My Grandpa used to watch baseball games on the television with the sound off, and listen to them on the radio, because the commentary was so much better on the radio. It was kind of like that. I was essentially watching MSNBC and listening to Amy Goodman and Alice Walker comment on the events. Very interesting, to say the least! And inspiring, and joyous, of course, but I'll spare you my trite political commentary.

What I did notice on the visual was that, at the lunch afterwards, President Obama kissed all of the women he encountered on the cheek. I wonder how many of those important Washington ladies, deep inside, were thinking, "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!! He kissed me! I'm never washing my face again!" Dianne Feinstein*, I'm looking at you, honey! You know it! That make-up is so not coming off tonight!

* I think Dianne Feinstein was Mayor of San Francisco when I was a kid, and she had this crazy helmet-like hair with a widow's peak.


  1. I believe Diane Feinstein became mayor after Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone were shot by that ass who ate all of the Twinkies.
    I have a widow's peak. In medieval times, they were seen as a mark of beauty.

  2. These days, a widow's peak is good for political success. People trust female leaders with widow's peaks (Margaret Thatcher, for example).

  3. I think the widow's peak thing only buys you a few terms though, and doesn't work on the Scottish.

    I'd probably never want to wash again if I got Obamaness on my epidermis...

  4. Hey, my Grandpa did that, too.

  5. Um... I mean, my great-grandpa used to listen to baseball games on the radio while watching them on t.v. with the sound off. Yeah. That's it!