Movies that are like oatmeal: "Harold and Maude"

Earlier, I accidentally posted this without any text. Whoops! Sorry!

I like this movie because it is so refreshing. I've loved it since I was a teenager. It's about this teenaged boy, Harold, in the sixties, whose favorite pastime is faking his own suicide for dramatic effect. He falls in love with a seventy-nine year old anarchist, Maude.

Cat Stevens did the sound track. There has been many a time in my life when I felt like a freak (probably because I am), and then I heard Maude in my mind, singing, "if you want to be free, be free..."

A teenaged boy falls in love with a woman four times his age! What could be better than this? In addition to being sweet and making me hopeful for life in general, this movie is hilarious! My favorite scene (although it's hard to pick a favorite) is when Maude throws Harold's ring into the bay, so she'll always know where it is. Ah. Maude.

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