New Year's Resolution Number 34

This year, I will play the piano at least five minutes every day (as long as I am anywhere with a piano).

Small, I know. I read this book, and I feel really good about making small goals.
I highly recommend it.


  1. Five minutes?! Aren't you taking this "small step" thing a bit far? I mean, you can't even warm up your fingers in five minutes, let alone play music.

  2. Okay, I don't think you quite get it. It's hard to do anything for just five minutes. I don't have an alarm that goes off, and I say, "That's it for today!" It's just a method for making sure I sit down at the piano every day. And then I might find it's fun. Because maybe I just got a really nice little book of minuets from my dad, or something, and I want to play them all. Who knows?

    You play a certain piece on the marimba every day, don't you? Like, before you eat breakfast, or something? Similar idea.

  3. I have so many rituals - you wouldn't believe. What day is it?

  4. Perhaps, if I had said, "I resolve to play the piano every day, regardless of how long I have time to practice. I will do it every day," that would have been more clear?