Movies that are like oatmeal: "Fearless Freaks"

This is a documentary about the Flaming Lips. Before I saw this documentary, I was a moderate Flaming Lips fan. After I saw this movie, I was a fearless freak myself. Yes, it changed my life.

Okay, not that much, but it did, in some small way, change my outlook a little bit. These guys are:

1. Cool.
2. Hard Working.
3. Caring.
4. Living in a very bad neighborhood.
5. Overcoming severe drug addiction.
6. Constantly coming up with the most bizarre stunts imaginable.
7. Very humble.
8. Totally radisson!
9. Completely fearless, and, yes,
10. Really good musicians!

Follow Wayne to the former Long John Silvers where he worked, supporting the band, and he shows you where the stick up happened... or watch Wayne mow the lawn... or wash his shirt... or tell you-- oh, crap, I'm making it sound really boring. But trust me, you have to see this movie! It's incredibly entertaining.

Here's the Long John clip:

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  1. I haven't seen Fearless Freaks yet, as I fear it may exacerbate my Wayne Coyne crush to obsessive proportions. But perhaps it is worth the risk.

    (I hope he didn't vicariously traumatise those youngsters...)