We were snowed in today, so I paid no attention to my appearance, but it was later pointed out to me that I dressed like an elf:

We went for a walk (I walked, Little Z road in a little sleigh that I towed behind me). We disturbed a flock of giant birds. What were they? Turkeys? Pheasants? I tried to take their picture, but all I got was snow:

The National Weather Service called it a blizzard, and I would agree. Snow was the theme of the day.

The geothermal heat kept it a balmy 72 degrees inside.


  1. Wow! It's beautiful! I love it when it's fresh snow untouched by humans.

  2. Ah, beautiful snow! I do not miss it at all, but I love pictures of it, especially on the trees.
    I'm not so sure that's an elvish look, but what scares me is that you look exactly like my mom did at your age. You look more like my mom and sister than I do.
    We're about the same age, but I'm pretty sure there's no way two people born on opposite coasts can bve switched at birth...or is there?

  3. Well, Christina, I was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, in the spring of 1974. I had bright red hair when I was born. I look a lot like my dad. And I actually look a lot like my mom (to me) though nobody ever says that.

    That being said, anything is possible!

  4. I think that you should consider your neglectful self a pretty snappy dresser.

    When I don't bother, I really go for it. Mismatched pyjamas, Hello Kitty besdocks. A range of cardigans that don't meet round the middle. Birds nest hair. It's also my look for 'flu'.

  5. G.V.H.- a little while before that, I wasn't wearing pants!