Clear Kool-Aid

In cooking class at the high school where I taught a few years ago, budget restrictions led to the supply of Red Flavor Kool-Aid completely running out. So, my coworker, who shall remain nameless even though she is freakin' awesome, had one of the students fill a jug with water and call it, "Kool-Aid, Clear Flavor" - because, you know, the flavors are really just the colors, aren't they?

Clear Flavor Kool-Aid was a surprisingly big hit with the students. Many of them even preferred it to Red Flavor. Of course, the main joy in it was talking about how much you enjoyed it, and referring to it repeatedly as "Clear Flavor Kool-Aid".

"Jeanette, would you like a glass of Clear Flavor Kool-Aid?"
"Yes, please. I do enjoy the Clear Flavor Kool-Aid."
"I think Clear might just be my most favorite flavor of Kool-Aid."
"It's a clean flavor, the Clear Flavor Kool-Aid."

(Don't you love the sound of the kids playing in the background of this song?)

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