Total is for Tigers, revisited

Remember how Grandma Ruth (pictured with me and Meatball the dog behind the title of this blog) sent Little Z a stuffed cheetah and two little boxes of Total cereal for her birthday? And I was wondering about her logic? (Grandma Ruth's logic, not Little Z's, though I honestly wonder about both of them fairly often.) Well, Aunt Lou suggested, at the time, that I save the two boxes of Total cereal, and then wrap them up for Grandma Ruth's birthday and re-gift them back to her. Grandma Ruth's birthday is this week-end (I think she's the big 8-0) and I did indeed wrap up those two little boxes of Total and send them to her for her birthday. I also wrapped up a little gold cross necklace that I've been meaning to give to her for five years.

There's actually going to be a
surprise party for the little lady Grandma Ruth this week-end, and I will not be attending. Though I was invited. And sent driving directions. For something 800 miles away, happening in December in Pennsylvania. The map was sort of like, "Drive 800 miles, then turn left, and you're there!" The map did not include Chicago or Pittsburgh, although it's impossible to get there without driving through both Chicago and Pittsburgh. Very funny. Thanks, Aunt Laurie.

But mostly I'm not going just because I had this horrible feeling about it, as soon as I got the invite, like something awful would happen to me or Little Z or my Tender Lovin' Banjo Player if we went. It may be that some members of the Lee Clan are a bit hostile toward banjo players. There's also the fact that it's winter. That could be an issue. There just isn't anywhere between here and Western Pennsylvania that's really nice in winter. Then there's also that, during the actual party time this Saturday, I will be receiving a R1N1 vaccine. If I went to the party, I would not get the vaccine, and I would get the R1N1 in Pittsburgh, and Little Z wouldn't be able to drive me to the hospital, because driving is impossible in Pittsburgh, and she's two and her little Fred Flintstone Car would take too long.

So, Happy Birthday Grandma Ruth! I love you. And your wacky gifts of Total cereal.


  1. 800 miles is quite far.

    Can you Skype Grandma Ruth?

  2. The party is being catered by the Total Cereal company. You will be so jealous when you see the photos of all of us eating bottomless bowls of cereal with various stuffed animals.

  3. Sure did miss you kiddo. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Be sure to check out the slideshow on youtube - it's called For Ruth.

    You've been well represented.

  4. According to recent YSAC posts, Total is for Lions.

  5. GVH: No, we can't Skype her- she's doesn't compute.

    Ali: you're so cruel.

    Aunt Laurie: I miss you, too. I think it's funny how many people call me "Kiddo" now that I'm 35. Send me a link to that youtube!

    Christina: Then G. Ruth is a lion. Rar!