Safety First!

There's a room in our house where we keep things we haven't unpacked yet, poisonous plants, various electronics and things dangerous to Little Z. (This will be your room, Dad, when you come and visit.)

We put this child safety gate on the doorway to that room. Yesterday, I was in the next room, and I heard Little Z yell,

"Oh, no! Teddy on da other side! Teddy on da other side!" Her teddy bear had fallen into that room, beyond her reach.

I got to her just in time to see her pick up the child safety gate and move it to the hallway. Then she retrieved her teddy, gave him a hug, and tried to put the gate back roughly in the same place it was before.

"Oh my gosh!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah," she said with a knowing nod, "Teddy on da other side!"

I put the safety gate back in place. We went on with our day.


  1. much for the safety gate. I must admit, I was laughing at that last exchange between you and Zelma!