Friday Farm Functionals: The Schmoosher from Space

See, here's the problem:

That's our yard. Not the farming part, the "pretty" part. It's clay. Real clay, like you would sculpt with in pottery class. And there is some sort of spring underneath, and the integrity of the drainage has just been completely curplumaged by that geothermal, and the puddles are over a foot deep and I don't want Little Z to drown there and it used to be such pretty grass and-

What we need is a giant, flat object, preferably free and from out space, to come down and schmoosh it all flat for us, so we can plant some pretty things.

Ah. That would be so nice.


  1. But, what can you plant in clay?

    Could you (or someone you hired) dig out the area to make it a big hot spring and mound the clay up on the sides, creating a warm swimming hole, and then get little Z. swimming lessons?

  2. You Clifford to come and roll on his back for tummy tickling. That would sort it.

  3. Gina, would that we could! But it's not a hot spring, just a spring. Too cold!

    And Ms. von Hathor, we do need Clifford.

    It has now snowed, and the snow makes it look a lot better. I hope it snows a little bit more.