Other People's Stories, Part 8 of ?: In the spirit of giving*

I have this friend, let's call her Amanda. (She's the same one who thinks picking up chics at Barnes and Nobles is as easy as buying a loaf of bread, but already, I digress...)

Amanda once "learned" to quilt. I have no idea why. I quilt, myself, but I take one look at Amanda and I think, no way in a million years could this woman come up with a decent quilt. Don't ask me why. I just know.

Amanda took some sort of a class or something and made this "quilt". The quilt she made, although I have never seen it, was an abomination to all things quilting. It was ugly. Unseemly. Horrific. So, instead of throwing it away, she gave it to a charity for blind children. (Thinking, I suppose, that they wouldn't have to look at it.)

Fellow minions, was this actually a charitable act? I'm really on the fence about it.

Let's judge! (Poll at right, or express yourself in comments.)

*Christina has a good gift giving story here.


  1. It's like when you see a blind guy wearing plaid pants and a striped shirt and you don't say anything. It's just mean.

  2. You never know. A lot of people like things that are "avant garde" (meaning horrible). I say, let the blnd kid get a quilt for Christmas!

  3. If it's warm and the stitching isn't in danger of unravelling and strangling the user then I say it's still charitable. Now if it was a misguided upcycling venture made of burlap and stuffed with leaves I might not be so sure, but sadly I might be inclined to make such a thing.
    Thanks for the nod :)