You can't drink the water here. That's what they say, so we don't, but bottled water is as common as water so it's all good.

A funny thing happened about the third or fourth day we were here, though. We got this notice slipped under the door, in English and Spanish:

"Due to the temporary shortage of water in this area, we inform you that the water will be turn [sic] on for the first 30 minutes of each hour, and will be as follows:

From 12:00 To 12:30
From 01:00 To 01:30

[Then it listed every hour of the day]

Thank you for your understanding,

The management."

So, I thought, Santa Maria! They are serious when there's a water shortage here! They just turn it off!

We planned our showers accordingly. Then we went to dinner, poolside (really roughing it here) and I noticed that they were watering the lawn. What da? But it turned off at 5:30. Well, okay...

But, the funny thing was, they never actually turned the water off. They just sent us that note and forgot about the whole thing, I guess. Then we were wondering, is it voluntary? Are we just supposed to enact this ourselves? And, if so, it was very, very poorly worded- I would assume I was supposed to leave the water running for a full half of every day, if it were voluntary, which of course would not conserve any water.

So, that was kind of funny.

Then, today, it rained. A lot.

I guess the water supply is okay, now?

* All Mexico entries have weird dates.

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