Mexico Follow Up

Well, I did say the Mexico entries were over, but there are a few loose ends to tie up:

They had TLBP's suitcase all along, at the airport. When we went to leave, the lady at the desk asked us if we were missing something. Then she just went back to some other room and got our suitcase. (I called them, mind you, and they said they didn't have it.) Inside the suitcase were all of TLBP's clothes, and a better Spanish dictionary. (We might have avoided some embarrassing comments- but then what would I have blogged about?) The suitcase no longer shut properly. We checked it in again and brought it home.

At home, there was a message on TLBP's cell saying they found his suitcase. The cell didn't work in Mexico. Well, at least they called.

Little Z was not nearly as well behaved on the way home as she had been on the way there. She didn't want to go home. Also, getting back into the US is incredibly tedious.

It is, after all, cold here. Surprise! But spring is in the air!

We had ordered the chics mail order over the internet while we were in Mexico, so the day after we got back, we built a big warm box to keep them in. And then they arrived! And now they're getting big and strong!

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  1. Flying into the US is totally absurd. Flying into the Miami airport with my family is more absurd. There was much yelling and less than an hour. Thank you for reminding me of that as I am looking into booking a summer flight to France. I think i will take a long layover on the way home.

    I also want you to know that I whole heartedly support the three of you plus the chickens moving to Mexico permanently. I'd even come visit a lot.