Today I'm 36 years old. It's not so old, but a lot of changes have come about in my lifetime. I think I'll be an old fuddy duddy today and complain about a few things I miss about the good ol' days:

* Knowing who the crazy people were. Remember when only crazy people walked down the street while talking to people who weren't there? Now, we have the borg. Everyone's crazy!

* Hitch-hikers. I haven't seen one in years. Why? What happened? Did all the hippies buy minivans?

* Real letters, the kind you stumble upon when you clean out your closet. You read a few lines from a friend. Sometimes, they have drawings or poetry.

* The way you used to look at me. Sometimes, I wonder if you still see me at all.

Wait... something happened... where was I?


  1. Having just turned 36 last month, I can relate, but I just have to say that I have never, ever seen a hitch-hiker who looked like that one.

  2. Happy birthday! 36 is a good number.

  3. Happy Birthday! Another Tiger and a fire sign, no wonder I feel like I know you when I read your blogs.
    As for the hitch hikers, they're all over the place down here. I guess the weather is more suitable in the south.

  4. I'm really glad there are still hitch-hikers somewhere in America, Christina.

    And thanks, Glory von Hather! It does seem fortuitous.

  5. According to music research, you are now in a whole new demographic. 18-35 is the hot demographic that radio stations want to attract. But, now you are 36.

    I turned 36 some time ago, and I was amazed how overnight I went from listening to hot A/C music to soft rock. Just suddenly couldn't stand the urban stuff.

    Let me know when that happens to you, 'k?

  6. I have recently discovered that I like the same music that college students today like. Of course, this makes me feel incredibly hip.

    We'll see, though. I might suddenly metamorphasize.