Every night, at 3 AM...

Every night, at three AM, the following happens:

* My husband wakes up.

* He witnesses a car drive up our road, which is really more like a driveway we share with two other houses. A few minutes later, the car drives down the driveway again and goes away.

* Little Z cries out in the night, waking me up- although I have been half awake since the car drove by.

* I go to comfort Little Z, and she asks me to cover her with her blanket. I do.

* We all go back to sleep, except maybe for the person driving the car.

This has been going on for I don't know how long. Maybe a week. I sometimes don't remember getting up in the night. (I do things in my sleep.) Anyway, tonight I put Little Z in her footie pyjamas with two blankets, and I hope to no longer be a part of this nonsense! Although it would be exciting to see the car again...

You see how life is in the country. A car drives by, and it's worth a blog entry!


  1. But that is kind of like how it is on the street where I live!

  2. Sounds intriguing! Who is in the car? Where are they going? You have the beginning of a best selling mystery novel right there.
    Or perhaps a neighbor who craves Taco Bell at 3am.

  3. Kathleen, we have no barking dog! Otherwise, just the same.

    Christina- it's someone visiting the neighbors for less than five minutes (or dropping them off), not the neighbors leaving and coming back again. That makes it stranger, I think.

  4. Are they looking to take our chickens? Maybe they heard about our "exotic"????!!!