Old Pictures

I have this little black book of pictures, and about half of them feature this girl. She doesn't like to show her teeth. (Click on the photo to see it large.)

I have no idea who the boy is. The girl is, by her looks, probably my Grandma Amy's mother. It's funny to see your ancestors as young people.

I'm thinking she finds this boy to be a complete idiot. Or... what is she thinking?


  1. I think she looks a lot like your Grandma Amy as I remember her looking, which is to say very fuzzily, but it's good to see you think so, too.

    I think she may think that the person taking the picture is an idiot, but not the boy.

  2. That looks like it's from the early 19-Teens. My grandfather was born in 1913 and we have a picture of him as a toddler. His older sisters have those giant bows in their hair. The boy is wearing one of those bands around his arm and the pants look tremendously high-waisted, which I think is similar to what Pappy's brother is wearing in that same picture.

    I love looking at old photos of family (or other's) families. I wish I knew those people.

    Also, my word verification word this time is "unwary" which I will take as a sign that the girl in the photo likes the boy next to her.

  3. I'm glad you agree, Gina! About her looking like Amy, I mean. Meg, the time period seems about right. I think my grandma was born about 1918, which would make her mother a teenager around 1913, if she married young- which most people did, then.

    Did you all see her hat laying next to her? Lovely.

  4. How did I miss that hat? It's lovely! My great grandma (mom's mom's mom) was not only a skilled and successful candy maker, but also a millner!!!! I'm not sure which she did first, the hat-making I suspect. (I can't remember how to spell mill-uh-nery or what ever it is. It's been a long day.)