Many Buses

I suppose you might think me odd, to travel to the end of the Earth, only to ride buses. But hey, that's my thing! Here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I especially enjoy the icons and decorations at the front of the bus. The best drivers seem to have the best Jesus figures and such, Mary, different saints. And then they have curtains. Notice how much of the visibility is blocked by the curtains! and then they paint the destinations on the window, too. How can they see stop lights? It's lovely. And where do they get all of these amazing curtains? Do the bus drivers' mothers sew them? Is there a "Bus Curtains Are Us" store?

This first one has Mary painted on the ceiling with tassles, an excellent curtain, Jesus on the dash, and a cute dog ad for a vet- the only ad I saw on any bus while I was here.

I wonder who the saint in the picture is on this next one. Perhaps someone to protect travelers? Or is there even a specific saint for bus drivers? No, that would be too good to be true. I think this guy also had Jesus on his key chain, not shown.

These little girls and my little hija were playing with each other, making funny faces from across the bus.

Each bus is very personal to the driver. Clearly, they have their own buses; they do not share. Something missing from the photographs, too, is the Mariache music. Each bus has a different quality of speakers, as well as saints. These buses have no set schedules, no maps, no nothing. They are all old American school buses, and some of them still have the red crossing lights working. There are a few drivers who just drive around with those lights blinking all the time, like decoration. There is one bus with Christmas lights on the front. Ah, Mexican buses, how I will miss you. Lurching around town, music playing, passing Palm trees waving in the wind, cruise ships, abandoned adobe buildings, people selling everything imaginable on the streets. Today is our last day here.

* All Mexico entries have weird dates.


  1. Do they have streetcars? I'd always rather ride a streetcar than a bus.

  2. No, Papa, they don't have streetcars. I love streetcars, too. I guess I'm mainly a fan of public transport, in general, but I have a soft spot for buses, especially, because I was a bus driver for a year.

    I love the feel of driving a bus. Mine was a Bluebird snubnose. I wasn't much of a fan of having passengers, really.