Abandoned Places Series #3: Hashima Island

The picture is from Hashima Island. I recommend reading about it. Apparently, it was mined for coal, and then abandoned. All there is left is a ruin of concrete apartment buildings.

The picture originally attracted my interest because the stairway and apartments looked like some sort of combined Cubist / M.C. Esher picture, but it was actually a photograph. Even after painting it, I don't quite understand the layout, or what all of that rubble is in the foreground. For instance, why is the stairway crooked? And why is it outdoors in what appears to be a cold place?

Please forgive my shameless commerce, once again: This painting is for sale for $55 (plus $12.35 shipping). It's small: 9 by 12 inches, multi-media painting on recycled wood. The recycled wood has a stain in the left bottom corner, a brown dot on the border. I like it for its imperfection, but if you don't, I could either paint a solid border over it, or cut the wood smaller. Email me at cellar27door@yahoo.com if you would like to purchase it.

A few more pictures (click to make larger):

This one will have orange cats if no one buys it. Lots of orange cats.


  1. I love the abandoned buildings. If I hadn't quit my job to be a starving artist myself, I'd be all over this one.

  2. Oh, good! I wasn't sure about it. It seems a little too bleak. To go from practically cartoon drawings of dinosaurs on the moon to this is certainly a big leap. I think the weather is affecting me.

    But, yeah, I actually wouldn't mind keeping it. It looks good in a dimly lit room.

    I don't know if I'll really add the cats if it doesn't sell.

    The Tenderfoot Collective is now planning a show for this summer, so anything that doesn't sell could go to that, too.