Michigan Central Station In Detroit

This is a painting that I just finished, a copy of a photograph. Apparently, this station just sits empty. I have a thing for giant, empty buildings.

It's a little 9" by 12" acrylic painting on recycled plywood (the wood is from the Habitat ReStore- love that place).

Before the painting, I thought this was a beautiful, haunting building. After the painting, all I can say is it has a lot of windows. I didn't count them, but I'm not sure what I was thinking, doing such a small painting of something with so much detail! Yikes! I wonder why they built it so tall, with so many windows?

Well, I did it! Every last window-- at least, I think so. Forgive me for my shameless commerce, but it is for sale for $50. If you would like to purchase it, please email me at cellar27door@yahoo.com.

Here are some more detailed shots (click on them to make them bigger):

I'm sorry it has no dinosaurs, robots, or cats. I hope you can enjoy it, anyway. :)

P.S. Afterthought: Would it look better with cats? Should I add some cats? Leave a comment, if you have a strong opinion. If it doesn't sell without cats, I might just add a pussy or two.

P.P.S. This piece is now sold. No kitties will grace the steps of Michigan Central Station-- at least, not in this painting.


  1. I imagine much like the ancient ruins of Rome, the ancient ruins of Detroit are populated by cats.
    Lions and tigers at least.

  2. I hope they go inside this week! Baby, it's cold outside. I wonder where Teresa is?