Mary Go Round

Mary Wright is a local artist here in Southern Wisconsin, who is also a friend. She invited me, initially, into the Tenderfoot Collective, which has been great fun.

Mary plays with dolls. Many of us girls who played with dolls as children were taught not to do anything permanent to them. Don't cut their hair. Don't paint them. Don't stick a lightbulb in them or take their heads off. Don't, don't don't. We were supposed to keep our dolls nice!

Mary does not keep her dolls nice. She makes them better. She tests social norms of feminine beauty, of religion, and sometimes her work is just fun. It's often silly and creepy at the same time. Something about it makes me think of fifties and sixties style fantasy images.

Here are some examples:

She has a Facebook page and an etsy shop.

Oh, and one more thing! Mary really likes Bob Ross:


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  2. I think you don't like her art, Dad. You don't know her! She's really cool in person.

    But, I understand. The not liking the artistic adventures, I mean. This sort of thing isn't for everyone.

    That picture of you that you're using looks oddly familiar to me...

    Oroboros, I often wonder who you are. I entertain theories. Today, with your comment, I have to ask: Are you Rockin' John?

  3. Re: Rockin' John, nope. Who's he? I'm a retired pilot, military (USAF) and commercial (American Airlines).

  4. I'm teasing, Oroboros. Rockin' John is this radio DeeJay in Madison on WORT who plays a lot of Elvis Presley and always uses phrases like, "Goofy, yet keen!"
    Rockin' John's show is on Saturday nights five to eight, I think.

    Rockin' John is retired, too, but come to think of it, he's a retired mailman, not a pilot.

    You mentioned you were a pilot before, when I wrote about my niece. I'm sorry I forgot, briefly. I had a nagging feeling about it, but it was just on the tip of my memory.

  5. Thanx for the Rockin' John clue-in. Now it all makes sense. Tip o' the memory to ya. :o)