Renee Helin

Renee Helin is another local artist I admire. Her work is realistic, but still maintains a certain style. I know the people in the pictures, and they really do look like that! And the goats. They look like that, too.

Click on that one for a closer look at the face. It's really something.

"Winter Wolves" is on a piece of wood:

She has such a soft, natural style.

Sometimes, she goes down the road from me and draws Janelle's goats. This one is my favorite:

Here is Renee's Facebook page. Her work is also available at Selah Vie gallery in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.


  1. Very nice! Wonderful talent. If my walls weren't full of artwork already (as well as on the floor leaned up against the hallway and exercise room walls), I'd be a potential buyer of your art as well as her's...