Pet Portrait to Keep

When we first got chickens, we only ate "the mean ones". Which turned out to be all roosters, conveniently. One by one, we saw them fighting or they pecked us, and so we ate them. And then that left the Gentle Giant:

I always enjoyed how he had those tail feathers that popped up over the rest in back. One time I saw him fight a hawk. The hawk tried to eat him, but only got one of those tail feathers. I thought I had imagined the whole encounter, but when I looked up, there was a hawk with a giant white feather in its its beak, flying away, defeated. That was the day I decided to never eat the Gentle Giant. Before he fought the hawk, he had herded all of the hens into the bushes.

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  1. awe! I love that story. and I love his name. And I love that you painted him. In fact I pretty much love this entire entry.