Free Book

My birthday is sometime around now- I'm so old, I've forgotten when- and I'm being like a hobbit and giving all of my friends presents. Exhaust(ed) is free this week! So, all of you cheapskates and poor folks and - well, that pretty much covers all of my friends, anyway- all of you can download it for free. And you don't need a Kindle, either. Just download it to "the cloud" or whatever. You can read it on the device you are looking at now, to read this. The Kindle ap is free. Download it. It's on the same page as the book, somewhere.

It's like Shark Week, kind of. Mindless Minion Week. And then, if you really want to give me a birthday present, give the book a nice review on the Amazon site. That would make me happy for my birthday, indeed. But download it first, so it looks like you've read it. (Just kidding. I know you've read it. You're my loyal reader. But read the Epilogue, too. It's the best part. [Actually, my favourite part is "The Man Who Had Been Everywhere," but never mind.])

The cover art has changed a bit, but it's the same book. :)



  1. Thanks, and Happy Birthday, or Merry Unbirthday (you pick)! :)

  2. My review is up under the name "SCC"

  3. Thank you for the kind reviews! I think they really help! As I write this, it's doing about four times better than I expected. Lots of people have downloaded it. It's a great gift, to have so many people read my story.