Some Unexpected Poop Flingers

We have been potty training the bunnies, Jingle and Tree. However, they still have some interesting habits. Namely, they like to throw their poop. I've never actually seen them doing it, and you've got to wonder just how they do it, but I can't deny that it must be happening. You find their little poop pellets in the oddest places.

How is this even possible?

No one is talking.

Just a bunch of stuffed animals; nothing to see here. Move along... [I like how Jingle always hangs out by Little Z's toys, and she looks like one of them! I guess she actually is one of them. She's just, you know, real.]


  1. Well, they hop. Maybe yours are very talented bunnies who can hop and poop at the same time.

  2. I think they use cestas, those baskets used to throw the ball in Jai Alai games in Mexico. If you search their quarters when they're out and about I'm sure you find one. Big question: did they use bitcoins to buy 'em online or have they been dipping into little Z's piggy bank? :o)

  3. Unrelated: do bunnies go to the vet for an annual checkup? Do they need shots now and then?

  4. Santa hatched the bunnies in June, and didn't bother getting them a checkup or anything because he and the elves were planning on eating them. However, now that they are pets, it would probably be a good idea.