Look at me yesterday in the top 100 best sellers, in the Regional Travel Category! I really narrowly beat that Step By Step Guide to Moving to Hawaii. It was super close.

I can't believe it! *Number 68! Can I make a speech? I want to make a speech.

This is probably the worst etiquette possible. It's like that time in Sweden when I said, "I'm just better at speaking French than you are because Swedish is much closer to German, while my native language, English, has many cognates with French. So don't feel bad that I speak better French than you. It's all good."

Yeah. I'm sure that Hawaii book is awesome. And I did get beaten by that guide to the national parks, which I'll admit, I almost want to buy myself. And, like, 66 other books beat me, too.

Who cares?

Woo hoo!

* By this morning, it was number 27- which is the same number as my birthday. Fortuitous.

P.S. It is a very small category.

P.P.S. For awhile there, and still, I think, I was beating Sarah Vowell.

P.P.P.S. Sarah Vowell is such a great pen name. I'm changing my name to Katie Consonantt.

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  1. There is a writer on Cracked who goes by Paige Turner. I always wanted to be Ella Menopee, but it was already taken.
    Con-freaking-gratz!!! This is amazing!