Pretending to be Yoko

This week, your assignment is to slip the following phrase into a conversation:

"Well, it is what it isn't."

Post comments as to what happens.


  1. Well, I got it in at a birthday/winetasting/dinner party...probably not the best sort of occasion for it since the conversations became more animated and loud as the evening progressed and the subject matter more reminiscence, anecdote and desultory. Thus, I can't remember exactly to what point made by my interlocutor that I used it but I do remember that there was a near-instantaneous pause and then an appreciative nod/laugh and instant forgetting of it as the colloquy was redirected to something or other. In other words, in such situations many things are said that make no sense (or a cryptic too-deep-to-figure-out-right-now sense), are forgettable yet counted as rightfully belonging to and contributing to the gabfest. :)