Blogcation... & Poe Ballantine

I'm working on the new book! Which looks like it will have a cheesy title (I reserve the right to change the title if I should ever be inspired). Anywho, I may or may not blog over the next two weeks.

Also: Nothing is happening worth blogging about. Spring is just a lot of farm labor. If that changes, I'll be sure and let y'all know.

And it's raining.

P.S. I meant to blog about my love for the work of Poe Ballentine. If you have a day of reading, I recommend, Decline of the Lawrence Welk Empire, which has inspired me in many ways. The main character is an idiot like me. I related to him terribly. He goes on a crazy adventure in an especially ill-planned manner. But I guess I basically just meant to say, "read it," and so there, I said it. Read it.

I have but one qualm, actually: What's up with the title? Never understood it. My guess is that Ballantine just always wanted to name a book, "The Decline of the Lawrence Welk Empire."

P.P.S. My grandparents indulged me terribly as a child, but the one thing they always insisted upon was that I watch The Lawrence Welk Show with them on the tiny black and white television in their bedroom. They were atheists. I guess other grandparents make their grandchildren go to church with them- that's what my other grandma did. But I had to buy this book, based solely on the title, and then the book didn't seem to ever mention The Lawrence Welk Show. Still, five of five stars. I loved the book.


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my book in your post! I didn't know about the documentary, and I will definitely find a way to watch it. Ballantine's work is so honest, even when he makes it up. I have to take brief pauses every now and then and let it sink in.

  2. My favorite part of the LW show: The Lennon Sisters. I've got all their records on my iPod. Never tire of their voices; an amazing vocal group

  3. ... and another thing to check out! The Lennon Sisters. I was too young to appreciate any of it.

  4. My husband's grandmother used to make him watch the Lawrence Well show as well. In exchange, she would watch Battlestar Galactica with him.

    Sorry I haven't been keeping up. I've been book busy as well, but on the bright side, this means that the review of Exhaust(ed) has been sitting up on the front page of my blog for quite some time and is apparently still getting hits!