XKCD Book Review (And bonus parenting fail!)

BAH bought the XKCD book- by accident, actually! It was in his cart and he forgot about it. So, we brought it on the plane to California last week. It's a great book to read on a plane, because it isn't electronic, and you can read a little bit at a time, in between entertaining the six-year-old little girl sitting next to you.

I gave it a five star review on Amazon, even though I honestly didn't quite understand all of the jokes. Reading XKCD is like being inside of someone else's head: thinking about technical difficulties at work while simultaneously wondering about random crap throughout the day, obsessing about your love life, wondering what the meaning of it all is, etc. Randall Munroe definitely has a unique take on things. I like this little trip inside his head. The book has the original XKCD comics that you will find at the web site, but it also has his comments on the reactions, emails, and behind the comic stories on some of them. One of my favorite comics was this one, which has perhaps the only swearing in the whole book:

I have had similar thoughts, myself, about being a teacher and a blogger. I even made this blog private for a few years. But then I decided, you know, what he said.

I finished the book on the plane, and Little Z asked me if she could read it.

"Sure!" I said, and handed it over.

She opened the book to that page with the comic above, and read out loud to the rest of the plane,


She's a good reader, my little girl.

The page numbering is really odd in the XKCD book, so I don't know how many pages it is (the page numbers only contain ones, zeros, and twos, and seem to go up way too quickly) but I think it's at least a hundred pages, and it just has that one page, that one page with the swearing! Murphy's Law was at work here.

I'm a really good mom. I swear! I mean, I don't swear, I just, um... Oh, never mind.

P.S. I just noticed: XKCD is a Choose Your Own Adventure Story today!


  1. Brilliant. Why weren't you recording this? Six year old swears on a plane sound like a viral video waiting to happen.

  2. I was going to buy you that book for your birthday, but I got you the one you said you wanted instead.

  3. Thanks! I'm looking forward to when it comes out in September. (He got me the Beat the Blearch Marathon by The Oatmeal.)