Don't worry. Nothing is under control.

You may notice things look a little bit different around here. This was entirely unintentional. Is it possible that good old google has some bugs in the blogosphere? Or is it just my muses, subtly leading me in this direction? Goddess intervention? Is it the singing trolls who live in my basement?

Yesterday, everything re-arranged itself here. I didn't do anything at all. It just happened. Then, when I went to fix it, I accidentally erased all of my color settings, background picture, etc. And according to the template in Google, everything is arranged like before. But when you look at the blog, it isn't.

It's not that I really mind it. It's simpler. But it is bizarre that it just happened all by itself. I'm out of control!

Update: Curiouser and Curiouser! Four hours later, now only the "Self Destruct Button" shows on the side bar! What does it all mean?


  1. I noticed because for some reason, your previous post opens fine, but goes completely blank when it finishes loading. This of course means that I am on the edge of my seat, wondering what I am missing!

  2. But you saw this one okay? Can you see the last one now? Très bizarre.

  3. Nope! Mary the flying chicken is still a mystery to me! I hope you get it figured out!