So, technically, in the poll for best book title, "Why, Paris, Why?" won. But I don't like it. It's too choppy. Too many commas in one little title!

I don't like any of the ones I thought up.

I think it's still out there in the ether, the perfect title, waiting..

Here are a few more:

1. All Things Lost in Paris

2. Next Time We're In Paris

... which both sound serious. It would be misleading to give something I wrote a serious, dramatic title.
Stillllll... books need titles! Any ideas? Things you should know:

1. There was groping. And crowd molestation. And many propositions of nasty things. (You're going to think I make this stuff up.)

2. We were three girls travelling together.

3. This was two months after the bus trip, so I was still an idiotic youth.

4. There was much ado about Art History.

5. We had to share a towel.

I'm very open to suggestions. You all are so smart. (Clearly, because you read this, right?)


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    1. Je suis d'accord! Mais, you might give people the wrong impression. Oui, Je suis too lazy to look up the words I forgot.

  2. It's sounds so naughty when you put it like that!

  3. I recommend Gen-X in Paris, just to keep the idiot millennial comments at bay.
    In all honesty, I can't think of anything clever, but if I end up with a flash of brilliance, you are obligated to name my next book because I am coming up blank.

  4. Why is it always easier to name someone else's book than your own?

  5. We'll always have Paris . . .

    Has that already been suggested?

  6. "We'll always have Paris" is a good title for a serious or romantic book.

  7. Going In Seine

    Actually, I think that's been done.

  8. Vous le vous Paris avec trois?...jus' kiddin'...couldn't resist!

  9. Welcome to the title generating workshop!

    Thanks for the input... they're getting interesting!

    The PERFECT title would be this:

    A joke about how horrible it is to be a young, attractive (?) female in Paris, because every man there litereally says, "voulez vous coucher avec mois," especially when you really don't want any romance, so to speak. So, Oroboros' is actually pretty close- not sure if he really means "You the you Paris with three" or "Would you like to Paris with three?"

    I like Bob's, too.

    What rhymes with Menage? (As in "Menage a trois?") Corsage a trois... Frommage a trois...

  10. I'm totally voting for frommage a trois!

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    1. Haha!
      Well, according to Google, it is a cheese shop, a menu item, and oddly, the name of a getaway package for Wyndham hotels.

  12. Going In Seine has been done, by the way:

  13. Yes, I goofed up the French; should have been voulez. EVERYBODY who visits Paris learns the voulez vous cuchet phrase regardless of gender! :)