Flaming Waffles

TLBP added some cheese to the top of his eggs this morning and put them in the toaster oven to bake. Suddenly he screamed,

"Something in there's on fire!"

It was a waffle. I guess one of us left a waffle in the toaster oven, and it caught fire. It was sitting there burning, almost like a candle. The whole thing. One half of a Belgian waffle, burning like a duraflame log in the toaster oven. (At least the eggs were cooking nicely in there.)

Through some cursing and awkward maneuvers with pans, we managed to throw the burning waffle (and, sadly, the eggs) into the sink and run water over it.

Little Z just sat and colored the whole time, unconcerned, thanks to the new present she got yesterday from her horror loving honorary auntie.

"Da fire!" she muttered as she colored.

TLBP thought that, if this waffle fire business had happened to me when I was alone with Little Z, I would have burned the house down, but I maintained that, considering all the things I have actually caught on fire while cooking (sweet potatoes, for instance) I would not burn the house down this time. I've put out so many kitchen fires in the past, you see.

Though I'm not sure that's a good thing.


  1. Good band name, Flaming Waffles.

  2. We could be a Flaming Lips tribute band.

  3. Isn't it wonderful the trust 2 year olds have in their caregivers to keep them safe. 'Yeah, waffle fire. Whatever.'

  4. Perhaps this is a stupid question... it's actually a two-parter.

    1. How, exactly, does one forget a waffle in the toaster oven? Did you get summoned away from breakfast?

    2. How, exactly, does one not notice the aforementioned forgotten waffle when putting new food in the toaster oven?

    For either of these things to have happened, your toaster oven must be quite a bit larger than the ones I've used. :)

  5. Okay, Gina,

    1. Yes, one often gets summoned away from breakfast by, say, a toddler who suddenly needs help using the potty, or who pours juice on the floor or just anything. It's pretty easy to forget a waffle.

    2. I think it got so charred, somehow, that it blended in with the black interior of the toaster oven. Neither of us noticed it there. I made toast a few minutes before he was melting cheese over eggs, and I didn't notice it there. It had to have been there for over a week, because we only eat waffles on week-ends.

    We do have a really big toaster oven. I'm a fan of toaster ovens, and I purchased the cadillac version.