What language does Pingu speak?

Little Z was sick today with a cough and a cold. I called the doctor, and the doctor's nurse (unnecessarily) warned me that, if my child should turn blue and start panting, this would be reason for concern. Well, I guess they have to say that, but... seriously? They have to say that?

Since she was sick, I (normally the TV Nazi who only allows twenty minutes of Yo Gabba Gabba once per day,) just let loose and we looked for something appropriate on the Netflix instant list. We found this great penguin, Pingu:

But what language is he speaking? You can almost make it out...

I think he's very funny. A lot of the children's shows are hard to watch once you're grown up, but this guy is really cool.

By the way, grandparents, I think Little Z is going to be okay. Nobody turned blue or started panting today.


  1. Thank you for the note to grandparents! That set my mind to rest.

  2. Oh!
    Turn blue... begin to pant...

    I thought cause for concern was when my children wear blue pants!

    ::cancels doctor's appointment::

  3. Isn't it standard child behavior to pant until you hyperventilate or hold your breath until you turn blue? I guess one or the other is okay but both together is bad.
    I'm going to be a terrible parent.

  4. There was a big controversy over an episode where Pingu wets himself a few years back.

    Pingu almost speaks Grammelot, with a hint of mediterranean. Like the farmer from Shaun the Sheep.


  5. Kathleen: You do tend to worry. It turns out to be an ear infection, so she now has meds. It should clear up in a couple of days.

    Roses: Embarrassing tragedy averted!

    Christina: Yes, but not when they're sick. Maybe. I don't know. I don't have a child. I have an artiste of some sort, I think.

    GVH: The clip you sent, ironically, has no farmer! It's pretty funny, though. Now we have another thing to check out...

    I wonder- is Shaun a Bluefaced Leicester?

  6. Pingu speaks penguin, of course. Duh!

    Thanks for posting that video. I didn't know such things existed.