Music from off the beaten path

These people sure can swing.

My dad plays a lovely version of this song, as well, but he doesn't look as cute with the flower in his hair.


  1. That's Yumiko Takahashi on steel guitar. She's quite the sensation at steel guitar shows. Her sister is playing the uke and the drum machine. I really enjoy their little Hawaiian act - very nice!

  2. wow. I am impressed that b0b knows who that is on steel guitar! 'cause I sure don'e thave a clue! Pretty song though, and they do look lovely with the flowers in their hair

  3. What you maybe don't know is that b0b is possibly the world's leading authority on steel guitar players. So, I wasn't surprised, but yeah, it's still pretty impressive, isn't it?

    The thing about the steel guitar is, so few attractive women play it. It needs a face lift like this! and the music is good, too, of course.