The Ostrich Stage

LIttle Z is supposed to stay in her room, in her crib, and try to go to sleep for forty-five minutes or so in the middle of the day. You know, a nap!

Today, I discovered her standing outside her bedroom door when she should be napping. Seeing me, she quickly covered her face with her hands, and stood, perfectly still.

She really thought I couldn't see her!

I picked her up and put her in her crib.

* * * * * * * *

The fifth or so time I discovered her trying to get out of her nap today, she wanted to get back into her crib on her own. I agreed that was okay. But then, she just sat their, straddling the railing, and wouldn't really get in.

"Go on!" I said, "get back into bed!"

"Shshshshsh..." she whispered, putting a finger over her lips, "Little Z asleep!"


  1. That is awesome! :) Not the part where she wouldn't stay in bed...the part where she said, "Shh, little Z is sleeping." And the part where she covered her face and thought you couldn't see her. I have yet to meet a child that hasn't done that at least once!

  2. There's a reality forming there! Bless.