Things I Love About Two Year Olds, Continued

The development of preferences. Until they are two, babies are just, well, babies. They like things, but they pretty much like things that you lead them to liking, or it's impossible to tell because they mostly just drool and poop and fall down and stuff. Then, when they're two, they're like little people! It's so cool.

We went to this restaurant on New Years Eve that had a TV hanging from the ceiling with a basketball game on it. Little Z's daycare had told me once that they thought she liked basketball, and I got her a little basketball and hung a hoop out in the shed, real low for her. I figured that was the end of it. That, I think, will be the beginning of it.

She saw this TV with the game on, and immediately, she pointed at it and said, delightedly,


I was surprised that she could even tell what it was, because when you watch basketball on TV, everything is so small, and it was just this little TV hanging from the ceiling, fairly far away. How could she even tell it was basketball? As far as I know, she had never seen basketball on television or even seen a real basketball game, but she knew exactly what it was, immediately.

She then slid out of the booth and stood right in the middle of the room, underneath the TV, and watched the game. Periodically, she would point once again, a blissful smile upon her little round face,


She kept looking around the room, too, incredulously, like she couldn't believe all these people were just eating and talking to one another, when they could be watching basketball!


It was starting to get a little awkward. We finally coaxed her back to our booth by pointing out that she could see the TV much better from there, actually.

So, I guess our girl likes basketball. She also likes to wear black tee shirts and use public restrooms. She's her own person now, although she does still drool sometimes.


  1. Sometimes I drool too. You're not alone, Little Z.

  2. Just wait until she sees her cousin Emily play!

    How you gonna keep her
    down on the farm
    after she's seen basketball?


  3. There's actually a basketball hoop in the barn!

  4. But the important question is who was playing and which team was she interested in?
    As long as she's not a Lakers fan then I encourage this behavior.

  5. that rocks! I love that she was so pleased with the game on t.v. and that she likes black. really! a two yr old who likes black isn't all that common and is so cool.