Home, when we go home...

I just discovered this band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. I think they're great!

It's so nice to find a new band you really like.

Subterranean media recluse that I am, I have no idea if they are super popular or super obscure. I hadn't seen what they looked like until I looked them up on youtube. I like how they look like a moving party. With a band like this, who needs an audience? They give the impression that they would be partying with or without you. Also, bands with a good whistler and a trumpeter are pretty awesome.

TLBP really likes this song, too, and he promises me that the next time we record a Christmas album, like in ten years or so, he'll play this with me as a duet. So, should we change the *whole little story in the middle to something personal? I don't know. There's lots of time to consider this, though.

*Here's a better version of the song, non-live, with the little story in the middle I was talking about. It doesn't show them at all, though, so I embedded the live, not as good version.

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  1. That really does capture la joie de vivre, now doesn't it?