Other People's Stories: The Screamer

Grandma Amy and Grandpa Alvin used to spend their yearly vacations driving a VW bug all over the US and Canada. They just drove and drove. They looked at things, they drove on. Putta putta putta...

They packed food in the cooler to eat, and stopped to sleep at hotels, generally. Grandma Amy was tall (for the time- maybe 5'7") and slender, and wore the same white dress for many of the photographs of her. She had the palest skin possible and very dark brown hair.

Once, they checked into a hotel on an incredibly hot day. Alvin went out to the car for something. Amy was really hot, (she was from San Francisco,) so she took off all of her clothes and lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. While she was laying there, cooling, a man who worked for the hotel unlocked the door and walked in, not knowing that someone was already in the room. Upon seeing her naked on the bed, he screamed like a little girl and ran out.

She told me this story. She didn't tell many stories. She didn't seem to take it personally.

Me, I would have taken it personally. I would have thought, what's wrong with me that men who see me naked run away screaming?

Not Grandma Amy, though. No. She just thought it was hilarious.

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