Migratory Ramblings.

I heard on the radio that the Snowy Egrets have finally made it to their wintering grounds in Florida. It's already mid January. They sure spend a lot of time flying. I imagine they left here around November. Though it was warm- maybe they waited a bit longer.

It's a hard winter this year. Two blizzards already. Only today did it go above twenty, for maybe the second time in three weeks. I have this general lassitude settling in all around me. The birds fascinate me. There are birds who stay here all winter- Woodpeckers, Cardinals. You see squirrels in the trees when it's below zero. Pheasants roam the forest. How do they do it?

I wonder how the migratory birds do it. What does a map of the world in the mind of an Egret look like? What would it be like to fly? Not in an airplane, but just by your own power?

Childish questions. Still, I wonder.