Things I Love About Two Year Olds

The simple conversations. There are generally two types.

Type 1: Mastering the Obvious

Little Z: "I got two eyes. Two eyes. Daddy? Daddy got two eyes?"

Daddy: "Oh, let me see here. One. Two. Yep! I got two eyes! And they're both the same size."

Little Z: "Mommy? Mommy got two eyes?"

Me: "Yes, yes. I have two eyes."

Daddy: "Are you sure?"

Me: "I think so."

Daddy: "Are they both the same size?"

Me: "Probably."

Type 2: Bossing People Around

Little Z (armed with drawing implements): "Draw zebra!"

Me: "Okay."


Little Z: "Choo choo train! Play with choo choo train!"

Me: "Okay."


Little Z: "Sit down!"

This one's my favorite. She always says this when I'm cleaning.

Me: "Okay."


Little Z: "Do puzzle!"

Me: "No. I don't like puzzles."

Little Z: "Me do puzzle self. My puzzle. Mine. Me do self."


  1. Tell your hubby that I love that "Two Eyes" song! (Does he sing it in a Cookie Monster voice?)


  2. On our vinyl copy of the song, it's not Cookie Monster. It's the real people singing it, the grown-ups. My husband does have a great Cookie Monster voice, though. On one Christmas album he sang "I'm Looking Through You," very much like Cookie Monster. (I bet you didn't know Cookie Monster played the mandolin.)