A job well done

A few days ago, the washing machine started making an annoying high pitched screeching sound whenever it began to agitate. So, do it yourselfers that we are, we opened up the old Reader's Digest Fix It Yourself Manuel and got to work. It's amazing how something that was written over thirty years ago can still be so valid today. Things have changed a bit, but basically, you can just open up that old book and figure out how to do just about anything.

The book called for us the turn the machine sideways, take a few things off the back, and adjust the main belt. So, that's what we did! No problem. After an hour of tinkering, we did our little "We did it!" dance we learned from Dora the Explorer, and congratulated ourselves on a job well done. To test our work, we threw in the towels we used to clean up all the water that spilled out of the washer when we moved it, and started her up.

Then we heard that familiar, ear piercing screech.


  1. Bummer! I thought this story would have a happy ending. How naive am I!

  2. Oh, Kathleen. Happy endings are for fairy tales. This is real life, this blog! Hard core reality.