A trite political post

Yes, 300 hundred million Americans and I are all really disgusted with the new law in the state of Arizona requiring people who look foreign to show their papers or prove somehow that they are in Arizona legally. (Well, at lest I hope 300 million others are as disgusted as I am.) (BTW- You know that Mexicans are the biggest group of illegal aliens in this country- but did you know the second and third groups are British and Swedish?)

I do have a dear friend who lives in Arizona, and she's not that bad. Really. She's an awesome chic.

Someone on Youtube had a clever idea. Here is what should be the new state song for Arizona:

Show your papers. I just can't believe it.

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  1. Total BS, dude. And by foreign, do they mean anyone who isn't of Native American descent? And what the hell is taking the ACLU so long to intervene????