I used to teach sixth grade reading and language arts. I gave a weekly spelling test. I bet you know how this goes. I gave the students words every Monday, to study for Friday's spelling test. Then I read them out loud on Friday, and they copied them down and spelled them as well as they could.

I wouldn't do that today, but that's how I taught it then.

Anyway, one week there was a spelling word, "miscellaneous".

I got a bunch of papers with this on it:

"Miss Salinas".

Miss Salinas was the seventh grade English teacher.


  1. Curious, I'm now wondering which pronunciation you went with. My Upstate NY accent says mis-sul-AYE-nee-us, though I've heard mis-SEL-ah-nus and mis-sel-AYE-nus. We add the extra syllable because we talk fast enough to do so :p

  2. I say it like, mis-sul-AYE-nee-us, so the whole thing makes no sense at all!