Little Z loves quesadillas. Lately, she's started calling them, "Armadillos". We went to a restaurant, and I asked her, "Do you want to 'dino bite chicken bits' or the 'quesadilla with french fries'?"

"Armadillo! Armadillo! I eat the armadillo with french fries!" she yelled!

So, for our non-American viewers, this is a quesadilla (or 2 quesadillas, actually):

This is an Armadillo:

People don't eat Armadillos, as far as I know. (Except for Little Z, of course.)


  1. Actually, I once saw Anthony Bourdain eat an armadillo, which he never would have done if it hadn't been fed to him. I think it was in Guatemala or Peru or somewhere similar.

  2. Anthony Bourdain will eat anything!

  3. Anthony Bourdain has a really bad attitude.

  4. Don't worry - I used to be a bus-girl in a rubbish American themed restaurant. I am therefore familiar with Armadillos, and fajitas and Chesapeake chicken and a variety of sweet pies. Or at least what they look like. I was vegan at the time.