Baby's First Insecurity About A Pastry Item

Little Z likes to sometimes make a smaller version of what I'm making. I'll make a pizza, she'll make a mini pizza. So, when I saw a tiny little pie pan at a thrift store a few days ago, I bought it for her.

Tonight, I made a chicken pot pie. Little Z made a small strawberry pie in the tiny pie pan. (She ate a bunch of the raw pastry dough- so much that I had to make more for us.)

It was still an hour until BAH was due to come home. Little Z looked rather cautiously at our pies.

"Daddy like my pie?" she asked.

"Daddy will like your pie," I assured her.

"Daddy like my pie?" she asked again, emphasis on the my.

"Daddy isn't a very picky eater. I think he'll like your pie. Who wouldn't like a strawberry pie?" The filling was strawberries with honey.

So, BAH got home and ate. Little Z wanted him to eat her pie first, but since it was a sweet thing, he explained the tradition of eating sweets last. When he finally ate it, of course he liked her pie! How could he not? She even made whipped topping (with my help, of course- everything with a lot of help!) The whipped topping was a little over whipped, so that it was actually closer to butter. Mmmmm.

I think she was relieved when he asked her for seconds- but, of course, she said "No" initially, because she's two and a half, and it was her pie. He did manage to persuade her eventually to let him have a second piece of strawberry pie.


  1. I'm sure the pie was great!
    I have pie insecurity all the time, and I make a darn good pie. I think it's the nature of pie to be insecure about it.