A Two Sentence Book Summary

I Like You by Amy Sedaris

Summary: No matter how long I live or what I do, I will never be as funny or as cool as Amy Sedaris. This book is for people who have a tiny side of them who would love to see Martha Stewart do psychedelic drugs.

And, (this isn't part of the summary, but) I was a fan of Amy and of Dave, separately, for quite a while before I realized (from reading a story by Dave Sedaris) that they are siblings. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that family was having dinner and they were teenagers. (I have a fondness for teenagers.)


  1. The Sedaris family is from Raleigh. They are a large family, 6 or 7 siblings. I used to work with their sister Gretchen at Cup A Joe. They all look alike and have very similar personalities. Gretchen was really into reptiles.

  2. I think you've stolen my reading list from 3 years ago!

  3. OMG Meg! I can't believe you knew Gretchen!

    Gina, what can I say? You're a trendsetter.

  4. Oh no! Your blog has been invaded by Japanese porno spam. Every dot is a different link.

  5. I don't even know how to do links in comments, and here come these Japanese porn freaks, bless their hearts.

    Of course I had to click on every link, just to be sure. My favorite one is... wait, never mind.