A new garden

I want to make a new garden area for winter squash and sunflowers. I picked a nice, sunny spot and rented an enormous, 500 lb tiller from the Co-op, which I actually got out of the truck all by myself. Then I put it back in all by myself, too. Brains over braun! (It's another, "A girl did this!" thing.)

I anticipated it being difficult to move in and out of the truck, but I made a little ramp and used an old foundation for leverage, and it was actually a piece of cake. The real difficulty was in controlling the thing while I was using it. I just couldn't do it very effectively. I wasn't strong enough or didn't weigh enough, or maybe both. I got the job done, but not really that well done.

I nicknamed the machine, not very affectionately, "The Bucking Bronco". I expected to just carve a new garden in straight rows, out of the lawn, and finish when I was done, with a tilling pattern something like this:

I would know I was finished, because I would say, "My, that looks big enough for my garden."

In reality, the machine dug holes in parts of the lawn and then just walked over other parts without tilling the grass. As I struggled and failed to maintain control, the tilling pattern really looked something like this:
I knew I was finished, because I said, "I just cannot f***ing do this **** anymore!" [Meanwhile, in the house, there was a plumber trying to make our water drinkable (we've had to boil water of late) and disconcertingly, he asked me how to do it- but that's another story.]


There was too much green left, still.

There. I fixed it. (Maybe the rug will kill the grass if I leave it there a week.)

Today, I added some flowered sheets over the other green parts, which made it look extremely classy.

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