Spring Cleaning

When women clean, we clean, we scrub, we dust, we get things squared away, we perform housekeeping duties. When men clean, they detail, do maintenance, and perform janitorial services. Why is that?

I detailed the kitchen floor today, did some janitorial services in the downstairs bath, and performed some maintenance to the upstairs toilet. I'm planning on detailing the living room carpet tomorrow.


  1. I actually used to wash the vans at Fort Lewis one summer, and I always called myself a van washer. Later on, I learned that I could have called it auto detailing. It's a way of demeaning "women's work," I think.

  2. Something like that.

    I thought of another one: women sew and men practice the art of tailoring.

  3. We have an unspoken agreement in my house that my husband does laundry and I do dishes. I wonder whether he's executing janatorial services or detailing the socks and underwear?

  4. Excellent!

    You could go a step further an appropriate executive jargon. Actioning the living room is on tomorrow's agenda, and you have successfully taken foward the downstairs bath facilities...