Adopt Your Front Yard Litter Control

I walk down a little stretch of highway sometimes for relaxation on my lunch break. It's in the countryside, hilly and beautiful, with one lone farmhouse and lots of wildlife. A sign along the clean stretch of highway says,

"Adopt a Highway Litter Control by The Acker Family."

I walked along there for a month or so before I noticed the name on the mailbox: the Acker's.

So. They had a sign put up to make people notice that they pick up the trash in front of their house.

So awesome. I clean all the time, but have I ever received credit publicly? Never. And why not? Because I never put up a sign to recognize myself! Your tax dollars at work, baby!


  1. Could you get paid to clean up the road that goes by your house?

  2. I always understood it was a volunteer thing, and you got a sign for your efforts. No, I don't think anyone pays you- unfortunately. By, "Your tax dollars at work," I just meant that they spent money to put up that sign.